Spa 24 hours 1979

The Spice/Semoulin car finished fifth.
The Ford Capri of the Martin brothers - winning the Spa classic.
This is the car of Craft/Allam; they finished fourth.
Baele/Duez/Herregods were the only Spice-car which retired (engine); I suppose it is rallydriver Duez who goes sideways.
Woodman/Buncombe/Percy retired after an accident. Walkinshaw/Goujon retired too.
The Luigi Camaro retired with gearbox troubles; the Benoit BMW ended on top of the guardrail. Bourgoignie/Wisell finished but were not classified with the good old Willeme BMW.
Carlo Keller recognized his car, #54 Ford Escort RS which he shared with Gaspard and Marquet. After gearbox troubles they finished 15th. Somewhere in the middle is the winner!

Race result

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