Silverstone TT 1979

Blackburn/Bruce had two cars - this is the Group 2 version, which was not raced. The Fabergé Group 2 car did start - and finished a creditable 4th.
Woodman/Buncombe brought this car to seventh, second in the Group 1B "TTE" class.

On the left: Lloyd brought his British Group 1B Golf as well as the Group 2 version, with Derek Bell the star driver. Both retired.
A tatty car for Weisheidinger; but it finished 14th. Eichner/Pütz/Klinkhammer reached the finish in the race, but were not classified.
Grano/Joosen were second on the grid... ... the Luigi car third....
... but pole went to the Italian Jolly club car. This AMC looked like a threat, but far from it: 41st on the grid and a retirement in the race.
Geisser/Buschor would retire in the race. The Luigi car passing the small Haribo-Audi 50.
Together on row 3: the Zakspeed Escorts. Marshall/Clark/Greenslade were disqualified after a push start.
The BMW Italia car would retire.
The winners: Finotto/Facetti. Second overall: Niedzwiedz (behind the wheel) and Müller Jr.

Race result

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