Racefestival Zandvoort 1979

The qualifying heat for the Sunday TTE race counted towards the Dutch championships. Here's a fight between Kluvers, Seikel and Maassen.
Maassen would win the Dutch class, not sure if he won overall.
Kluvers finished fourth in the Dutch standings. A fight between Kroegman (Alfasud) and two Simcas.
Start of the over-1600 cc race: Slotemaker on pole is away first, Vermeulen sneaks through the inside while Hemmes doesn't have the best of starts.
Slotemaker ahead, Hemmes follows.
But she recovers on the outside.
Hemmes leading Moritz.
Behind Vermeulen a tight pack.
Cleutjens in the Capri. The usual fight between Houthuyzen and Hutzezon, the latter (right) winning this time.

Race result

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