Paasraces Zandvoort 1979

Ruitenbeek would win Monday's race.
The start of the Group 2-5 race; Trigaux was quickest away, but soon Bourgoignie would take over.
Here's Kluvers; he would win the race after...
... disqualification of this Golf, race winner Glansdorp.
Maasen qualified on pole - he would finish fourth on the road.
The start; Maassen and Glansdorp. There were fights right down the order...
... quite a lot of this, actually, for d'Hondt.
... with some damage done...
Siewertsen, a pole and a win this weekend.
This is Loek Vermeulen's Camaro.
Cleutjens would finish second in the race. Moritz had a new sponsor...
... wishing him luck, but to no avail: he had a misarabe race.
The grid: Siewertsen on pole, Slotemaker next...
... but Slotemaker took the lead ahead of Cleutjens and Siewertsen. Bénard in the GTE Kadett.
Moritz following Bénard.
Slotemaker's still-white Camaro.

Race result

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