1979 200 Meilen von Nürnberg DRM

This Lotus of Ertl did not figure in my results so far - but he was there no doubt. I guess he started the "Geldrennen" with it.
Here's Ertl's championship mount: the Zakspeed Capri.
Fitzpatrick in the Gelo 935.
Konrad being passed by Ludwig.
Plankenhorn had to make do with the regular 935-77A; the fate of the number 2 driver with no money.
"John Winter" did bring money to the team and got himself a K3 as well, perhaps lacking some of the goodies of Ludwig's car.
Marl was the number 2 at the Liqui Moly team: a 935-77A for him too...
Rolf Stommelen's 77A/2 seems to have had a paintjob on Saturday night. He would win the Geldrennen on Sunday.
The 934s (and the BMW M1s) had their own classification: the black one is "Harry Hirsch", next to him Jürgensen. Stuck in the Cassani-M1.
Lauda leading Schornstein - nice to see a Formula 1 star entering the Norisring DRM round. Lauda again.
Wolfgang Schütz discovering that the M1 was quite different from a Renault 5 cup car.
Walter Brun would always turn up here: this is his M1.
Franz Konrad had an M1 as well.
Wollek getting to the grid of the Geldrennen: he was on pole...
... with Ludwig next... ... row 2 was shered between Schurti...
... and Stommelen, eventual winner... ... Fitzpatrick fifth on the grid, second at the finish.

The start of the race was wet, but the track dried up quickly.  

Race result

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