ADAC Flugplatzrennen Diepholz 1979

In the tent: the Capris of Ertl... ... and Heyer.
Mampe now sponsored Ludwig's car as well. Practice: Ertl, Capri.
And again. Ertl's spare car was driven by Niedzwietz this time.
Heyer in the third Capri. Höttinger would finish second in the race, behind Heyer.
Brandenberger in the BMW 320. Wollek's uprated 935 still wasn't on level with Ludwig.
Fitzpatrick's car was on the outside 1978 standard. "John Winter" drove a K3 for a while now.
Ludwig had a fine weekend again: race win and fastest lap.
Plankenhorn finally got a K3 now as well. But he was still on a different level compared to Ludwig.
BMW M1's could compete in the Rennsporttrophäe now; this is Mass in the Warsteiner car. Regazzoni drove Winkelhock's car.
Franz Konrad had bought one too.

Race result

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