Brands Hatch 500 km 1979

Juma's Italia car was Pirelli-shod and driven by Grano and Joosen. They retired.
The winning Luigi car was on Dunlops and shared by Van Hove, Xhenceval and Dieudonné.
The Achilli car leads the Luigi one.
The ex-Alpina car was in its third season now - and it showed. Another DNF.
A British Group 1B Capri was shared by Blackburn and Bruce, result unknown.
The Diermeier Capri leads the Kilian Audi; they are followed by a Skoda, probably the Vojtech/Enge car. Only a shadow of its former glory - a Group 2 Capri.
The Austrian BMW 530, which finished third overall. A nice illustration about the state of the championship. The #20 Escort has the inside line, outside is most probably the Delcourt/Baert BMW.
Niedzwiedz/Müller Jr would finish second overall - quite normal these days... The sister Zakspeed car of Quester (!) and Nussbaumer leads the Mazda RX-5.
Another competitive Escort was the Ronnie Scott's car. A Swedish Scirocco with Lindström/Wiedesheim.
Richard Lloyd's immaculate Golf - another retirement.
The Kilian Audi 80 of Rosterg/Trint. The other Skoda was driven by Michl/Samohyl.
This Scirocco must be the car of Armin Buschor - result unknown.
Pictures courtesy of João Abreu
A Dutch Fiat 128 coupé of Hans Hettelder.

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