Brands Hatch 6 Hours 1979

The front row: the 908/3 turbo of Jöst and Merl next to the 935 K3 of Ludwig and Plankenhorn. This is row 2: invisible the second Kremer car, then the March-BMW M1, the Lancia and a Chevron.
The sportscar Porsche of Jöst and Merl won the race.
This vintage Carrera RSR finished 17th.
This is a newer Porsche 911 SC, piloted by Lanfranchi and Yates-Smith. They finished 20th. The March BMW M1 "sportscar" retired.
Fourth overall, second in class: the Porsche 935 of Schornstein and Dören.
The second Kremer K3 was driven by Winter and Bourgoignie - they retired.
The Lancia finished fifth despite a damaged radiator. This is the BMW of Berenge and Geeraerts; they finished last with this car, looking like an ex-works car which hadn't had a paintjob since 1977...
Not classified: the Lotus Esprit of Jenvey, Mercer and Chittenden.
Another exotic car: the Lotus Elan of Payne and Evans - they retired.

Race result

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