Bergischer Löwe Zolder 1979

A new year, and cars from all over Europe: this is Albert's 1977 Schnitzer 2002 Turbo.
Kristofferson from Denmark with his 320.
Ketterer had a Zakspeed Turbo Escort.
Like Albert from Austria: the Oppitzhauser team. This is the second Schnitzer 2002 Turbo for Oppitzhauser himself.
A new car, and not a pretty one: Isert with his unique Alfetta. A non-starter.
The GS team had four (!) cars in the paddock, for Höttinger, Bürger, Krankenberg and Schimpf.
Brandenberger's 320 from Switzerland.
The Gelo team in its tent. Schurti, Wollek and Fitzpatrick - a team full of heroes.
Merl's LM Porsche.
Reigning champion Ertl out on the soaking track.
Ertl would have a spare Capri most of the season (just like he had a spare car in 1978) but it wasn't ready yet. This is the second Turbo Escort, with rear wheels which seem to big for the little car.
Winkelhock took over one of Ertl's 1978 cars. His new mount would appear much later in the season.
Another Turbo 320: Hohmann and his own car.
 Some oversteer on Höttinger's right-hand driven 320, ready for a works Turbo which wasn't there yet.
Schimpf in his atmo-320.
Albert in his 2002.
The other 1978 Ertl car was bought by Albert and driven for the occasion by Dauer.
Krebs had faded after 1975, and 1979 would not bring not much results either.
Ketterer on his Pirellis with some oversteer too.
Harald Grohs drove the second Oppitzhauser car, but would move on to Hohmann until that team folded.
Kristofferson in trouble.
The red numbers indicate Group 2 and 4. This is Krebs' teammate Reich and his BMW 320.
Still going strong: Hegels and his BMW 320.
Winfried Vogt retired his 320.
Bremmekamp had a 320 too.
Bungard brought a Kadett GT/E.
Rob Redeker and his faithful Alpine.
The new star: Ludwig driving the sensational Kremer K3.

Plankenhorn, very much number 2, was left with the 1978 ex-Wollek car.

Race result

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