Zolder EG Trophy 1978

Let's first take a look at the start. The whole field can be identified, and it gave me the opportunity to put some things right.
Three competitive cars, a lot of Group 1B entries and a packed 1600 cc class - that sums up the 1978 season.
The Martin brothers raced this Capri II to ninth overall.
Grano/Walkinshaw retired.
Heyer/Schickentanz did not finish either...
... so Joosen and Van Hove had to win, who else?
Vermeersch/Schinkel were 12th.
Xhenceval/Braillard retired.
Gavage/De Gheldere retired too.
Spice/Semoulin finished 22nd.
Fifth was the Austrian RCV BMW.
Carpentier/Lamine: 13th.
Boxberger/Vanierschot were 20th.
Lloyd/Pilette retired.
Stocker/Nowak were eight...
... Hecq/Toby 14th.
The Lindström brothers finished 24th...
... but the Jägermeister Scirocco of Bergmeister and Siegrist finished third overall.
Kindlmann/Linder were 21st...
... second overall the Eggenberger BMW of Kelleners and Hegels.

Race result

1978 Pictures