Westfalen Pokal DRM 1978

Becker was back with his turbo car.
Lothar Wagner with his unsponsored car.
In the warmup, Hahne lost it big time. His car was repaired but had suffered a little - still, he managed to finish second, ahead of other cars with problems...
In 1978, teams only used standard bodywork on the 935; Wollek retired.
A fine win for Schurti here.
The third engine of the weekend (an atmospheric GS one) only helped Winkelhock to eight.
Heyer had been in the lead, but dropped back with rear axle trouble.
Ertl lost his gearbox but finished fourth behind Heyer.
Höttinger had a shock win here.
Becker again.
Brun finished fifth.
Fischer retired.
Nussbaumer finished sixth with the second Hohmann car.
Group 2 action: Müller Jr, 10th...
... Prüser retired...

... Dahmen finished 11th.

Race result

1978 Pictures