Zolder Bekers van België

Alain Semoulin with the Capri on his way to a win; the season would end with a championship - and a row. Nève in the Serge Power BMW finished fourth.
"Wild" Willy Braillard in the Luigi BMW; 14th in the end. Maurice Ros in the Firenza - not in my list of finishers, so probably a retirement.
Leo Langer in the Golf having problems with a Chrysler - he was 16th at the finish. Laoureux in the Scirocco laps Frederiks in the Avenger, I guess.
Braillard again, with the Trueno finishing fourth. Claude Holvoet in his Celica, 4th at the line.
Boxberger with a pretty Scirocco; second, 11 seconds behind Vanierschot. Dantinne had switched to a Ferrari 308 GTB.

Race result

1978 Pictures