Spa 24 hours 1978

The classic shot of the Spa start, 1978 edition.
The Dutch polesitter Camaro and the Spice Capri lead the field. Seven Capris, and then the first of the BMW's.

Below: the Camaro and nearly all Capris are already out of sight; but we can recognize three Luigi 530 BMW's and a coupé, the #14 BMW coupé, the second Dutch Camaro, two Kinley cars, and the second pictures shows a Kadett, the DTV Vauxhall, Volkswagens and Alfa's.

The JUMA #2 car, which would finish as #2; Van Hove, Vermeersch and Joosen himself driving. Funny enough, the #3 Serge Power car would indeed finish third, with Peltier and Nève behind the wheel.
Luigi car #8 finished... ninth. Most of the cars here had front spoilers, which were allowed in some countries - but not in the UK, GErmany or the Netherlands...
Eggenberger entry #15 blew its engine.
The French BMW CSi at the pits. It was driven by "Depnic", "Chavan" and Gabreau, who couldn't think of a pseudonym probably. The polesitter Camaro retired with a broken driveshaft, but this looks like a different problem.
The Spice Capri III trio: #27 Spice/Pilette in front, followed by #26 Craft/Corbisier and #24 Martin/Tricot - the smoke signalling the eventual retirement?
Martin and Tricot retired this Capri... ... and this Capri retired too.
... and then crashed out of the 24 hour race.
#26, Craft/Corbisier took the lead...
The victorious #27 of Spice and Pilette may look fine in the wet... ... but they had their share of contact as well.
This Capri retired. But there were Escorts also. Good grief, this one isn't in my results. A practice shot maybe? A KWS car for Bienvault, Labonne-Brisson and Maitam.
This - is another KWS car. This is the Alfetta of Imbert/Beguin/Martinez. It finished 10th overall and third in class.
Hadlights ablaze for the #70 car of Slotemaker, van Oostrum and Maasland. They retired after a crash. 18th overall, fourth in class: the Scirocco of de St. Hubert and Goris.
Another one not in my results - the Scirocco of Meloni/Berndtson. 19th, fifth in class: the Scirocco of Jamin/Degey/Vaillant.
A Golf for a change. De Deyne and compatriots, a retirement. 14th overall, second in class: the Golf of Borderiou, Migeo and Haezebrouck.
An Audi which is missing form my records as well (Team Dubois), the #4 BMW behind - a non-finisher.
Victory for Spice and Ford!

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