Silverstone 6 hours 1978

A new Porsche once again: "Moby Dick". The Facetti/Finotto 935, with the numbers from a previous race.
Loos brought three cars; on the left, Ludwig's normal mount, on the right a car with a more traditional livery.
  The Konrad-935 of Konrad and Merl.
The Meccarillos-935 of Haldi and Müller was present too. Another 935 was that of Lafosse and Leclère.
Kristofersson and Sindel in a car with a familiar design - like Kremer's 1975 Carrera. The turbo BMW 320 in undressed state...
...and here with its clothes on. The car would last for 4,5 hours, still somewhat short of the full distance.
The country team BMW's: here is Sweden... ... Austra/UK...
... and Belgium (but where's the flag?) Moby Dick in full action...
... the Ludwig-Loos 935...
... the next Loos car... ... and the last one.
Kremer brought two 935's: a new one for Wollek/Pescarolo... ... and last year's car for Winter and Schornstein.
The Italian 935, now with the right number. Haldi's car has a sarting number now too.
The turbo 320... ... and the Osella BMW with its unique engine and bodyparts.
The grid - on a damp track. Is it always raining here?
Lap 1 and Moby Dick is in the lead - and would remain there.
The works-, Kremer- and Loos cars are gone already, the turbo BMW leads the rest of the field.
At least the flames look good.
We haven't seen this one yet - the Swiss BMW 320 of Kottulinsky/Hotz. They finished fourth overall.
A French 934 which retired.
This should be a Carrera, not a 934; Frenchmen Bourdillat and Bernard finished 12th overall.
A spin of the Wrangler 934, just ahead of the Franey/Drees 935.
The second Kremer car (fifth at the finish) leading Franey/Drees (14th)
On the left a British Carrera (Raymond/Phillips/Beasley, 9th), right is the 934 of Leim/Lombardi, 15th.
Ivey's Carrera on narrow tyres finished 10th.
This car was supposed to race with number 10, but it looks like 70 to me. The 2.0 "935" of Lundgardh/Simonsen. They finished 11th.

Brodie and Matthews, slowest qualifiers but 13th at the finish.

Race result

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