Paasraces Zandvoort 1978

This would have been a sensational car for the 1975 championship with its 24 valve Cosworth engine. But now, it was 1978 and interesting as the car may be Siep de Jong never manged to get anywhere near the Capri's potential of 1.35 (remember the pole time of the Zandvoort Trophy in 1974 was 1.33,9...)
This however is a real group 5 car; the ex-Wollek car for Bourgoignie.
A beauty: Dantinne's Group 4 Ferrari.
Thankfully, we had a competitor for Bourgoignie: van Oorschot, here asking for a sponsor.
Redeker in his 1600 Alpine. The Capri again.
Bourgoignie qualified second... ... and van Oorschot got pole.
Dantinne seemed to have overcooked things in practice: his Ferrari is damaged.

Suykerbuyk's Porsche 934/5.  
Van Oorschot won the start, he is followed by Bourgoignie, Kok, Suykerbuyk and de Jong.
  Here de Jong and Suykerbuyk are to be passed by van Oorschot.
Super Touring after the start: Hemmes, Splinter or Coronel, Cleutjens and Vink.
Erik Post and his Commodore.
After a massive pile-up in lap 1, Moritz lost his hood. Where did it go?

Vink finished third, but soon after he was disqualified since the car was underweight.

Race result

1978 Pictures