Nürburgring GP der Tourenwagen 1978

Backwards through the entry list again.
The Jägermeister Scirocco was an unexpected retirement. That's an unusual car: the Alfa Romeo Berlina of Knipper/Balzar.
Vogt and Ketterer drove his fine looking BMW, probably a retirement. No rewards for spotting "the nose": Kelleners behind the wheel of the Eggenberger BMW.
Ludwig back behind the wheel of a Zakspeed Escort - while Zakowski explains young Hahne the secrets of a Group 2 car.
The second Zakspeed Escort won the race eventually. While the other one retired.
Sonntag/Dittert in their Group 2 Commodore.
The Eggenberger car of König and Weltrowski.
A real Group 2 Capri: Hinz and Walter. But unlike the early 70's, the car was no match for the BMW's. Weird entry: a CSL in division 4 (under 3000 cc) - when the CSL never had less than 3003 cc...
The noisy Mazda of Graul and expert David Palmer.
Luigi without any sponsors - this is the Joosen/van Hove car which would finish second.
The former Alpina car now was tuned by "Achilli Motors" of Facetti. Bovensiepen didn't like it at all.
The BMW Italia car of Grano/Fitzpatrick retired.
Schickentanz returned to racing, partnering Heyer in the AMG car (just like 1971 Spa...) but he had lost the edge a little - just like the brand new car.
The start.

Race result

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