Le Mans 24 hours

Moby Dick disappointed, finishing 8th with Schurti and Stommelen.
Loos still had no luck at Le Mans; Fitzpatrick, Ludwig and Hezemans retired.
Busby/Knoop/Cord finished 6th in this Kremer 935 twin turbo.
Müller, Haldi and Mac Granger retired this 935. Dören, Poulain and Holup gave up with gearbox trouble.
This Monza retired too; Frisselle, Kirby and Hotchkis driving.
A Belgian 512 BB Ferrari: it retired as well. 16th for this 365 BB of Migault and Guitteny.
Andruet and "Paco" retried this Ferrari as well. 5th overall; Redman, Paul Sr and Barbour winning IMSA GTX.

Race result

1978 Pictures