Bergischer Löwe DRM 1978

The other Schnitzer car had a better zeason: here is Harald Ertl in the Schnitzer 320 turbo.
For the time being, not much Division 1 pictures; but here is number one, reigning champion Stommelen in one of the few outings of the Toyota.
Spectacular livery on the Hohman 320 Torbo of Winkelhock. But it would be a very difficult season for him and the team, though a win at Zolder was a great opener.
Heyer leading the way for Hahne (left) and Heyer on his own. Even the lightweight Heyer car was becoming outdated now, though he managed to finish second in the race.
GS Tuning had two cars; an atmospheric car for young talent Höttinger, who would have a great season, and finishing sixth here.
Krebs had far more problems in his turbo car and would throw the towel before the end of the season.
One of the beautiful Faltz cars; here's Nève - he retired on Sunday after 21 laps.
The other Faltz car made the podium with Grohs. This must be Brun, since he is the only BMW 320 starter I haven't identified so far... a Turbo car like Krebs, Ertl and Winkelhock.
This is RIngshausen in his own Escort. He finished ninth.

Race result

1978 Pictures