Westfalen Pokal DRM 1977

Obermoser did not play the role we were used to in 1977.
Cheever with an unpainted front - probably because of a mishap before.
Hahne finished a lowly 12th after mechanical mishaps.
Betzler finished 7th with the third Zakspeed car.
Peltier hired a Schnitzer Turbo; he finished fourth.
Schneeberger finished ninth; the car seems not to have had any development since the start of the season.
The same could be said about the Faltz Alpina car of Grohs.
Hatje retired this 2002, which could run a little lower in my view.
Becker was a non-finisher in his unique Colani-BMW 320.
Some unusual entries here. This is Vinachin in an Alpine. Hildenbrand and his "Group 5" BMW - a car inferior to most of the others.
Winkelhock leading Grohs and Hennige.
Schall ahead of Betzler and Peltier.
Cheever finished second...
... while Winkelhock won the race.
Wollek in the Kremer 935. He had a fine win here. Max Moritz had fiddled around with the aerodynamics too. But a water leak prevented the car from finishing.
The second outing for the Toyota - and another DNF. Peter Hähnlein in front with last year's Kremer 935, followed by Conrad who seems to drive an ex-Loos 934.
The inevitable Dantinne with his beautiful Daytona. Sekurit action: the Alfa Junior of Lier.

Race result

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