H.P. Joisten Trophy 1977

It was a round of the Rundstrecken pokal, which was won by Struckmann in the Müller Scirocco (left); the number 2 car for Jelinski retired in  the DRP race.

Escorts were rare in the ETCC, but in Germany they ran in full force. This is Meissner, who probably retired in the DRP race.

And this is Werner Schommers, deflected from the DRM. No Grab decals on his car, but the car was still entered by Ford Weisberg Werkzeuge Siegen (minus Grab!). It looks like he switched to a Zakspeed car.

This is Dieter Alzen - we'll see much more of the Alzen family in he future. Zakspeed built something like 20 Group 2 Escorts.

Dantinne chasing a Golf (with Renneisen) in the "Joisten" race.
A little Polo with Gladbach behind the wheel.

This is the Pantera of Karig, who retired.
Jürgensen leading van Oorschot - but the latter..

... would win the DRP race.
Group 1 action: Pieper... (fifth)

... Vernaeve... (third) ... and Brunetti (eleventh).

The start of the main race: Group 5 action. Konrad in the Brambring Porsche.

Grohs in the Faltz-320. Hatje in his Group 5-ish 2002.

This is an Escort with really small wheels, but it is a 2-litre car anyway, Rüddel behind the wheel.
Surer in the Turbo 320 of the HAT team. He finished fourth.
An Alpine with Group 5 aspirations - Bergermann behind the wheel - I guess he retired.
Ringshausen in his Escort.
Sepp Manhalter drove a serious-looking BMW CSL, probably one of the 1976 semiworks cars. The 934 is not in the entry list, might be Bourgoignie though I can't recall this livery.

Van Oorschot's car was "zu verkaufen" (for sale). Wagner in his 320.

First victory for Ertl and the Schnitzer turbo Toyota. A great relief.

Ludwig came third with the turbo 2002.

Race result

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