Bekers Der Toekomst Zolder 1977

This must be the "Production" race: Bernhard Carlier in the Mercedes 280E.
Vanierschot was rammed from behind by...
... a German Dolomite, normally driven by Hueck.
"Edouard" Schinkel passing the wreck - he would finish second.
Martin won the race.
This is De Deyne, but the picture could be taken in the Group 2-4 race as well.
In Belgium he was Jack, in Germany Jakob: Hürtgen in his 2002 finished fifth.
Jean-Marie Baert in his 2002 - result unknown.
Erwin Van den Broeck finished sixth overall. This is Visconti in yet another 2002, eight.
Hans Schnock, result unknown. Pierre Fermine drove this 2000 GTV, result unknown.
A vintage Carrera for "Alex", result unknown Willy Braillard in the 934 Porsche finished second...
... behind Raymond Raus. Maurice Dantinne was present as always with the Daytona; third this time.

Race result

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