Zandvoort Trophy 1977

The winner of the race would be the immaculate Alpina BMW with old hands Quester and Hezemans.

The only Luigi CSL: Xhenceval/Dieudonné came second, the other CSL being destroyed in Belgium.
This looks like another Luigi car - it was in 1976, but was then sold to Italy, and to confuse the spectators the UFO livery was the same as Luigi's... it retired with a blown engine.

The #5 Jaguar retired...
... like the #6 car. They made a great show, nonetheless.
The Raymond Raus BMW was piloted by the owner as well als Maassen and old warrior Lubin. They finished a respectable 6th.
One of the Dutch Group 1B Camaros: van Gelderen/Deen retired early.
The noisy Mazda RX5 of Markey and Palmer; they finished 15th. Up front the BMW CSi of (if my memory serves me rihgt) Coorengel and Tjan. They were not allowed to race.
Fresco/Remeus (DNF) about to be lapped by the second Eggenberger car.
The #22 Commodore was driven by van Oosterom, Hutzezon and Frankenhout. 14th overall, third in class - ahead of the Mazda RX5...
There were still Capri RS's racing in the ETCC. But they had seen better days. The car on the left, a genuine RS 2600 (Siller/Pöschko), retired; the Capri II below (Hinz/Walter) finished 17th overall. Their respective practice times wouldn't have put them in the top-10 of any Dutch Group 1B championship race... 
The 3-litre coupé of Austrians Werginz and Loibnegger finished ninth overall; they are followed by Fornera/Franz/Camathias, seventh and class winners!
A Group 1B Commodore, piloted by Zwaanenburg and Formula 1 driver Brett Lunger, who wanted some mileage before the Grand Prix. It retired after the first stint of Lunger.
Vanierschot's CSL was shared by F1 driver Boy Hayje - they finished a fine third, a small consolation for Hayje, who had a miserable year in F1.
The missing CSL of Luigi was replaced by this Group 1B/Group 2 hybrid 530. They finished fifth overall, with Dewael and Grano doing the driving while Grohs provided the spectacle.
  Buschor and König swapped their Alpina engines for Heidegger, I guess. 11th and third in class.
Nijsten/Houthuyzen retired the Alfetta GTV.
Hegels and Tibor finished eight and second in class. Respectable.
Leyland brought engines not only for the Jaguars but for the Dolomite as well. Bron/Brun shared the fate of the Jaguars and retired with clutch problems.
Dimmendaal and Prentzel retired this 2002.
Eggenberger was luckless here; the Brun/Vermeulen car retired with engine problems.
The other Eggenberger BMW finished a lowly 20th overall with Hufstad and Reinke.
A difficult race for Kluit and Akersloot: after leading the class they dropped back to 12th overall and 4th in class.
An old 2002 can still be very good looking. I guess these are Mirer/Vanoli, who retired.
Lauria and Bovy in the Alfa GTV were 18th overall.
Kuhlmann and Rummel retired.
Oldies Maasland and Slotemaker shared this youngtimer GTV; they finished 16th overall.
An unusual car was this Spanish Chrysler 2 Litres; slow but spectacular. Bieler/Schramm/Arlt retired this Scirocco.
Even the Jägermeister Scirocco retired in this race - Bergmeister/Henzler broke their gearbox.
In front of the Jägermeister car the Scirocco of Bieler/Schramm/Arlt. The Yugoslavian Scirocco of Regvart/Suster - 13th overall, second in class.
Despite this mishap in practice, Stocker/Siegrist won their class finishing 4th overall.
Hecq/Nowak retired this Belgian Audi.
The hood of this Dutch Datsun 120A Coupé. I suppose it did not qualify.
This Alfasud Sprint was piloted by Glerch and Schmidt; they finished second in class. Zampa/Breard finished tenth overall and won their class. An Argentine radio station was present on the circuit to keep the home listeners up to date.
Unlike its sister car, this Argentinian Alfasud did not qualify (Parrado/Marquez).
A harmless spin for Hufstadt/Reinke, but it underlined it was not Eggenberger's weekend.
A good fight between the Jag and the Alpina BMW lasted not for long.

See you next year (the Luigi car, not the Jaguar...)

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