Spa 24 hours 1977

A pity this airbrushed car did not make the start: the second Dutch Camaro broke its crankshaft before qualifying. This Swiss BMW 530 of Dürig/Bühler retired in the race, the Scirocco next to them finished 22nd.
De Gheldere and Cuici were helped by Gordon Spice, they finished 11th overall. Two of the four Gosset Opels: on the left Migault/Polak/Tarres, on the right Philippe Martin, Dumont and "Segolin".
The Stape Alfa Team, sponsored by Stella Artois, apart from lemonade the only thing me and my pal had to drink during the race. The Dutch team had one finish (26th for the Alfetta), one DNF and a DNQ.
Dealer Team Vauxhall had a better outing; Allam's car is missing from this picture, but the #58 in front finished ninth, the #57 eight and #56 with Brock and Marshall finished a sensational second overall, winning their class.

On the left Avenger #91 of Fruhauf, Goossens and "Topper"; next the BMW of Bourgoignie, Liernaux and Wisell
The traditional picture of the start.
In the rear, things go wrong for a Dutch Alfa and the Mazda.
Lloyd, Greenall and Cuthbert shared this I guess German BMW; they retired.
The winning JUMA BMW 530i of Joosen/Andruet.
Paulus, De Wael and Xhenceval put this Luigi car second on the grid but retired.
The other Belgian CSi was a lot slower, "MacIntosh", Baert and Delcourt finishing 27th.
J.M. Martin/de Jamblinne retired this Spice Capri. But J.M. would be back.
The #27 Commodore retired...
... like the other one...
... and this car of Williams/Sougné/Havaux.
Oops, this one is not on my list. Were Lagniez and Ballot-Léna non-qualifiers?
Marshall and Brock on their way to second.
Braillard/Tricot were eight at the finish...
... Allam/Major/Smith finished 18th.
The Euromotor Escort of van Dedem/Koks and Demuth had a coming together with a Toyota Celica; they won, but with a price. 24th at the finish.
Rosemon/Mdme Geurie/Bienvault were non-starters.
This looks like an Alfa 2000 GTV, but it should be a 1300 Junior. Whatever, Mattozza, Remoin and Léo retired anyway.
Marquet/Gaspard/Goossens brought this Avenger to 16th and 4th in class.
The sister car of Fruhauf/Goossens/"Topper" was 19th.

Race result

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