Spa 600 km 1977

This is the proud winner: the Juma BMW 53o of ndruet and Joosen.
Second overall: the Luigi coupé of Paulus/Berger.
This might be Graham's BMW? One of the Spice Capris, which finished third and fourth.
Woodman/Bincombe in the Capri - ninth overall.
Craft drove a Spice-entered car - but this is his own. It might have been entered through Spice?
Akersloot and Patterson, non-finishers.
This is the car of Corbisier, result unknown.
One of the Alfa GTV's.
A Belgian VW club car, possibly De St. Hubert/Herregods.
The Dutch Camaro, pole setter.
Alain Corbisier discussing tactics?

Race result

1977 Pictures