Silverstone TT 1977

Woodman and Buncombe would finish fifth in this Capri.
The Belgian Scirocco of Meloni/Berndtson.
"Haribo macht Kinder froh!" Moll/Eichner finished fourth in class.
Greenslade and Myerscough entered this Alfasud Sprint; result unknown.

The grid.

The rolling start - Jags in the lead.
The #1 Jaguar would finish fourth - good, but not good enough.

#2 was less fortunate, retiring with a broken rear axle.
This Luigi car finished third.
The second Luigi car finished second with Joosen and Grano...
... while this pseudo-Luigi entry retired.
Kelleners/Eggenberger retired.
This Colt/Mitsubishi Lancer finished at the tail of the field with Williams/Creswell at the wheel - but was 2nd in division 2...
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This is the winning BMW....
The final appearance voor the big Cat in Britain - it would take some more years before success would be theirs.

The winning BMW and its reward.
Hufstad/Reinke in the other Eggenberger car won their class.

Race result

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