Silverstone 6 hours 1977

Porsche's all-singing all-dancing twin turbo 935/77.
These pictures must have been taken during testing; the starting number is Stommelen's DRM one. On the right, Loos and Hezemans next to the car.
The Kannacher-935 of Konrad/Hähnlein.
Moretti's nice Porsche 934.
Robin Hamiltons err.. interesting Aston Martin; behind it, a well-known Datsun Sunny.
A French Porsche 934.
The Jägermeister Faltz BMW of Grohs (right behind the car) and Ronnie Peterson.
An Italian Escort for Grano/Finotto/Müller Sr.
... and the Kremer car with improved aerodynamics.
It did not rain the whole weekend! Here's the factory 935...

Race result

1977 Pictures