Nürburgring 1000 km (WMC)

Another disappointing outing for the works Porsche 935/77: after a jump start it retired with an engine failure.

The #2 Loos Porsche retired with differential failure...
... but there was consolation in #3's win with Schenken, Stommelen and Hezemans.
Wollek/Fitzpatrick could have won but for an egine problem.
The second Kremer entry (bought back from Kannacher?), their 1976 car, finished fourth overall with Konrad and Keller.
And in fifth yet another Kremer car, the 934/5 of Schornstein/von Tschirnhaus.
Max Moritz was unlucky as ever, Schurti/Kelleners finishing 6th.
The 934/5 of the MM team finished 13th with Barth and Dören.
Another car with a chance of a win (but for a late retirement): the Möbel-Franz Porsche of Kinnunen/Neuhaus.
This looks like another ex-Kannacher car: 25th place for Grees/Kauwertz.
Capra/Gottifredi/Cogato finished 19th in this 934.
This pleasurly disguised Carrera was driven to 10th overall by Schimpf/Fischaber.
This Carrera finished 9th with Simonsen/Leim.
Haldi and Jöst won Group 4 and finished 7th overall.
With such a big entry own encounters some rare cars. This looks like a 1974/75 RS 3100 Capri (possibly the ex-Odenthal car?) with a wild and obviously vulnarable rear wing. It retired with Gartmann/Kummle after qualifying over a minute slower than a decent 1973 time...
Heyer/Hahne retired this Zakspeed Escort, on the right having overtaken a Commodore which doesn't look like a Group 5 car.
A fine race by youngsters Surer and Winkelhock: third overall and a win in Division 1.
The Faltz-320 retired with rear axle failure...
... after a mishap in practice.
11th: another Carrera with Fetzer/Krumm.
Grano/Müller/Finotto pedalled this group 5 Escort which shows some Zakspeed influences (if little more).
Sindel/Steckkönig retired this 934.
Zbinden/Kofel with another Carrera - and a retirement.
This neat Group 2 Capri with Hinz/Walter did not qualify - 10.27,5 far too slow for such a car.
Henzler/Bergmeister retired with this Scirocco.
29th at the finish: Valder/Sonntag/Wilhelmy, Golf.
Second in the Golf-class was this Kamei car, driven by Renneisen/Wolf to 30th overall.
Gülker/Schumacher leading a bunch of two-litre cars.

Ickenroth/Bremmekamp finished second in division 1, albeit in 18th position overall.

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