1977 200 Meilen von Nürnberg DRM

The Faltz-320 BMW of Grohs.
Doetsch drove this HAT BMW.
A surprise entry: the 1.4 "Baby" Porsche 935 for division 2. While both car and Ickx were not in top form, the next race at the German GP would be dominated by the pair.
The bigger sister car was present too; it would be driven by Wollek for the "Geldrennen".
Here's Wolleks usual mount, the Kremer "K2".
His biggest rival was Stommelen in the Gelo 935.
Division 2 practice: Heyer put the brand new Escort on pole.
Hennige had a terible practice and was 11th.
Hezemans had a new car too and qualified fourth.
Cheever managed second on the grid.
Winkelhock: 7th on the grid. Grohs was sixth...
... Doetsch tenth... ... and Quester ninth.
"Baby" was only 12th...
... while Renneisen qualified 16th.
Wollek in the works car.
Wollek in his own car, second behind Stommelen. Dören seemed to have been entered in the "Geldrennen" only.
This is peculiar, Röhrl with numer 65. Did he practice in division 1? Peter Gregg in the second K2; Geldrennen-only.
Utz in a much-modified Carrara RSR. Blind in a Group 4-Carrera.

  Race day: Obermoser leading Hennige and Winkelhock.
Winkelhock again - he would finish second. Doetsch finished an unexpected third...
... because Heyer's Escort disintegrated after a falling out with...
... Surer, who had a fight with... ... Hahne.
This is how Surer's car looked after the race; his licewnse looked even worse. Ickx in the "Baby" at the geldrennen.
Stommelen finished third, but... ... Hezemans should have won it, but for a puncture. 

Race result

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