Le Mans 24 hours

This Loos 935 retired late in the race. Group 5 winners: the 935 of Ballot-Léna, Gregg and Barras.
This new-shape Kremer 935 with a British crew retired as well.
The works 935-77 retired - again.
The #14 and #18 finishers: in front the Carrera of Ravenel/Detrin/Ravenel, behind the Turbo of Verney/Metge/Snobeck/Striebig. A battered 934, with Grandet/Bousquet/Dagoreau - it finished 19th.
BMW invited an artist once again - it finished 9th.
The Kremer-934 with Wollek/"Steve"/Gurdjian finished an excellent 7th, winning Group 4. An IMSA GT Carrera, with De Lautour/Delaunay/Guérin finished 12th, second in IMSA.
This is the surprise IMSA winner: the Luigi Group 2 BMW, with Xhenceval/Dieudonné/"Paco". 8th overall, an unexpected achievement.
16th overall: the Chinetti Ferrari Boxer.
Another Group 2 BMW CSL, albeit less succesful - it retired.
Hamilton's rather ugly Aston Martin - it finished in 17th place.
A Group 5 Alpine; it retired.

Race result

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