Internationale Races NTK 1977

Deen took the lead right after the start, but of course van Oorschot won the race. Third here is Slotemaker, followed by I guess Vanierschot, then Raus, maybe Suykerbuyk, then de Jong and in the background Tjan. Redeker in his now 1600 cc Alpine - but his class was scratched so all he could enjoy was a 7th in class...
Raus, Slotemaker and Deen having a fight. Suykerbuyk leading Vanierschot.
Although in a different league to van Oorschot, Suykerbuyk didn't disgrace himself in the Carrera; but here the Porsche was a little mean to him.
Back on the road to 6th overall. Tjan lapping Hettelder and van der Beek, with Kluit up next.
It was fantastic that Datsun Nederland payed for potentially spectacular cars, but I guess Janos Odor of Janspeed bit off more than he could chew when he tried to build a 935-beater. The turbo engine is not ready yet, and the lowly 12th on the grid wasn't good at all. But he finished in fifth, beating Suykerbuyk at least.
Deen was hampered by a puncture.
The jump from a Scirocco to a Porsche 934, one of the trickiest cars ever was no problem for van Oorschot, it seemed; a wheel in the air and fastest lap of 1.35,3 - and a win, of course.
Slotemaker enjoyed his Big Banger; after beating van Oorschot at the line in the last race, van Oorschot didn't want to play anymore so Sloot had to settle for second.
Vanierschot lapping Velthuysen... ... and for the second time him and Dekker in the same corner ...
Another lap, this time for "Cornelisse". But this seems a real fight, eventually Vanierschot would finish fourth and Tjan fifth.

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