Brno Grand Prix 1977

A typical paddock in the 70's; this may be Eastern Europe, but Zandvoort wasn't much better. This is the Skoda works team.
No win for Xhenceval and Dieudonné here; second behind teammates Facetti and Finotto.
The Jaguar XJ12; this car would retire, the second car would finish - in 16th place.
The noisy Mazda RX5.
There still was a Capri RS in the ETCC, but it was a far cry from the early days.
Another Mazda, the Austrian car of Hamberger and Poppenreither.
The immaculate Eggenberger BMW 320.
Kuhlmann and Ochs drove this 2002 BMW.
A nice Group 2 Triumph Dolomite, but it wasn't very quick.
Some damage to the Alfa GTV of Lauria and Bovy.
A more modern Alfasud; Zeh and Kromer from Austria drove it.

All eyes on the Jaguar this weekend.

The winners: Finotto and Facetti, now entering the car under the Jolly Club banner - after an engine rebuild in the back of their truck!

Race result

1977 Pictures