Bergischer Löwe DRM 1977

Let's start with some cars from the "Sekurit Pokal", or "Division 3" as it was called, for cars up to 1600 cc. A short-lived initiative.
Top left is the 1300 BDA Escort of Ochsenfort; top right is Bernd Ringshausen, with a Mk2 1300 BDA Escort. He would promote himself to division 2 later in the season. Last one is the Spiess NSU of Wagenhäuser.
Introduction of the eagerly-awaited Group 5 DRM of 1977! High expectations, and the entry was quite substantial, taken into account that the season started very early in the year, and that most cars were brand new...
Zakspeed entered two cars, for Heyer (1) and Hahne (2). Both cars were essentially updated 1976 cars, reliable but a bit heavy.
The GS team, top entries since 1973, had a single 320 for Obermoser - built from a works kit like all the other 320's. Just visible is the #5 2002, Obermoser's 1976 car updated with a Schnitzer body kit - nice but no match for the real Group 5 cars. Betzler and his sponsor would deflect to Zakspeed later in the season. Obermoser himself played no role in the 1977 DRM - his days were over.
Schnitzer rebuilt their interesting 1976 2002's in turbo form - very quick cars but a little unreliable while constant driver changes did not help matters any further.

Peter Schneeberger entered another 320 with a Heidegger engine. He was to have a difficult season.
Hezemans in his self-built Escort; promising but the engine did not always deliver. Eddie Cheever in the first of the works 320's. A bit wild at times.
Marc Surer, the most promising talent - until Norisring... Newcomer Winkelhock progressed slowly to become a fine driver.
With a few mishaps, of course. It's a big step from a Scirocco...
Grohs drove the Faltz-320, a little disappointing.
The Dallara-Fiat X 1/9, the most beautiful car in the paddock; alas, it was under-financed and under-powered. And perhaps Wolf wasn't the big talent people said he was?
Another car with a Schnitzer body kit: Pennartz' 2002  
A bunch of brand-new cars - and some updated ones. One of those new 935's present: Wollek in a standard-935; that would soon change.
Another 935: the Max Moritz car of Schurti.
The second MM entry was a 934/5 for Dören, who couldn't do miracles in it. The 1976 Kremer-built 935 changed hands to the Kannacher team. Not quite up to the standard 1977 935, unfortunately.
Alberto Zirkel with another Kannacher car, this a 934/5 And yet another 934/5: Volkert Merl
A Benelux entry - the De Tomaso Pantera in Group 4 form of Tricot. Utz (Carrera RSR) leading Tricot.

Race result

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