Croix en Ternois - Coupes d’Ixelles 1977

A bit of guesswork needed here. Golf #27 could be Langer.
Probably de Leener leading two Golfs.
An Audi 80, driver unknown. In the background the Alfa 1600 GTJ of Claude Cuicchi.
"This must be "Marie-Kristin" with her unique Toyota 1000.
Guy Pirenne in the Dolomite Sprint finished second.
My guess this is Dirk Desoet who finished third.
Michel De Deyne, fourth overall.
Alain Semoulon won the race in his Escort RS.
"Alain Dex" finished third overall in the Lotus. Albert Vanierschot won the Group 2/4 under 1600 race.
This should be Eddy Joosen, second overall behind the Pantera of Tricot. "Alex" finished fourth.

Race result

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