Zolder Saisonabschlussrennen
"Joisten Trophy" 1975

A lot of races on this dark October day. Joosen on his way to winning the Group 1 race.
A brand new Alfasud TI Group 2: Dahlhäuser driving it.
The car retired in the race.
Another newcomer is this Nothelle Golf S with Lilier.
This nice Opel GT would be damaged during the race.
The grid for race F: Stocks (Vaillant Carrera) on pole, or have the Germans pole on the other side of the track?
Left: Reimann and Kristoffersen midfield, on the right the uniqoe BMW turbo of Schäfer with behind him the Datsun of Eichhorn.
Grohs having a big lead over Stocks.
Grohs lapping some backmarkers.
Breitenbach spins in a car remarkedly similar to the Dutch car of Ron Kluit.
 The rolling start of Division 3. In the background the DAF of Plasmeijer can be spotted.
Rolling start of Divisions 1 and 2: Krebs on the inside, Heyer outside.
Heyer leading Schickentanz.
2-liter action: the yellow Escort could be Roppes.

Race result

1975 Pictures