Zolder EG Trophy 1975

The EG Trophy was overshadowed by a terrifying accident of Pierre Rubens. His safety belts broke, his helmet came off - Pierre sustained head injuries but returned to racing after a few days in hospital. Pictures courtesy of Paul Kooyman.
The winning car of Xhenceval/de Fierlant. The Transeuropel of Tricot.
Fred Frankenhout's Opel could not repeat the Imola victory. A fight between the Dutch Opel and the British works Ford of Walkinshaw.
More views of the good-looking Capri II.
Another Capri, this time a Frami Mk 1 version of Raus and Lubin. One of the Butch Taylor Triumph Dolomites. with Muir and Metge.
Another Dolomite went over the guardrail. Michel de Deyne with his Escort RS2000.
Corbisier and Wansart shared this hard-driven Capri II.

Race result

1975 Pictures