Zandvoort Trophy 1975

Some practice shots. The Vaillant-Kremer Carrera with its engine, rumoured to be much more powerful than Siewertsens' Jeans car (below left).

The enemy in the form of the Tebernum team was present as well, though their role was limited in the race.
When Tebernum and Kremer are there, Loos isn't far away: this is the back of the Hezemans/Schenken car. They would win the race. The most potent Capri of the race - the 1973 ex-Mass car for Kluit, Berg and Hayje.
Faltz-Alpina brought three cars, all 24-valve coupés; from left to right the #23 Melitta car of Betzler/De Fierlant, the #21 car for Stommelen, Grohs and Kelleners and the #22 car with its 1974 body for Müller and Peltier.
Local boys Coorengel and Fresco hired a Capri but would retire after only 35 laps.

There are many pictures taken by Hans Fohr on this page, but this is a picture of the master himself, next to the Abt Audi 80 GT - picture taken by his brother Guido.

This is an interesting bunch of cars. In front probably the best Group 2 car ever built: Zakspeed's answer to the works-built Ludwig car, almost capable of taking it on with the big BMW boys. The #50 car is the Swiss Toyota Celica with its 16-valve engine; not quite on Escort or 2002 level, but not far away either. And then the 1600 cc Corolla with a 16-valve engine as well.
The Escort would not survive practice (see below), the Celica would not start, the steering deemed to heavy for its intended driver Ms. Hemmes. The Corolla would finish 9th overall in the Touring car classification.
Heyer destroyed the beautiful Escort at "Bos uit" the fast part leading to the straight. It was said he challenged Stommelen's BMW at that moment. He came away with literally a blue eye, was added to the #43 Zakspeed car and won his class next day.
Not all cars were as sophisticated as the Escort or Toyota. The Volvo on the left did not qualify, we have met this car before. The Mazda RX3 might have been well-prepared but was very hard on the spectators' ears.
This Scirocco looked very spectacular in yellow and black (you should have seen it in color!) but it disappointed a little, practising only 27th fastest and retiring after only 9 laps.
A last look on the spectacular Toyota Corolla. What a nice car...
  The winning car: the Gelo Porsche of Hezemans and Schenken
Tjan/Coronel finished last in the Datsun.
The Corolla - now in color.

Heremans op kop, daarachter Van Lennep

Heremans op kop, daarachter Van Lennep

The Gelo Porsche here leads the Kremer car of Van Lennep and Wollek, with one the stranded Alpina BMWs in the background. Again, Gelo leading Kremer, with Vermeulen's BMW close behind and the Janspeed Datsun in the background.

1975 Pictures