Trophy of the Dunes 1975

Row 1 and just two cars: Vermeulen's Alpine BMW on pole with Kluit second; Tjan's Datsun 240Z is a non-starter.
Row 2: Deen's Corvette and Coronel's Datsun. On the far left is Bolderheij's Datsun.
Although your then 16-year old correspondent was a fan of Vermeulen and his BMW Kluit did a fine job in his first year with the big boys - he leads Huub here but will finish third in the end after a spin.
Regular guest starter Brüsseler retired early in the race with his fine Fiat 128 coupé.
Eurosport's future commentator Jeroen van der Ploeg leading an NSU and I guess Corporaal's Mini.
Hans van der Beek, Mazda driver in later years is here leading Bob Krijnen.
Plasmeijer following the NSU TTS of Ungricht.
Hans Deen would finish an unexpected second after Kluit spun.
Loek Vermeulen (Simca) fighting with Verzijlbergen (Abarth).
This lap, Krijnen leads van der Beek.
Ron Kluit in his Capri.

The Corvette monster stil was far off the pace of the Capri and CSL, but at least it finished.
Another victory for one of the finest looking BMW CSLs in Europe.
Both Kok (Imp) and Vermeulen (Simca) won their class.
After the race: Capri, Abarth, Laqueuille's Imp and Slotemaker's spoilerless Camaro. Further behind the Alfa GTAJ of Redeker.
Group 1 Alfa Romeo GTVs: Nijsten next to Bosscher with Bolderheij's Datsun next. Right picture: the tail of Massen's Avenger top left, below the NSU TT of van Oorschot.
Vis in one of the many Simca Rallye 2s.
The start: Zwaanenburg ahead with his illegal car.
The tail of the field: van Galen in the middle already lost contact with his class comrades and is left now to do battle with the 1000 cc cars.
Slipstreaming, Zwaanenburg still in the lead.
Van Dongen's Datsun with the typical gearbox noise could keep up with the Simca's - as early as 1975, nobody had to teach the Japanese how to homologate their cars in Europe!
Hans Cox probably lapping Jan Wortel, both Fiat 850 sport coupé. Why don't they make simple buth beautiful cars like that anymore?

Zwaanenburg still leading; he would win on the road but was subsequently diqualified because of an oversized engine.

Race result

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