Spa 24 hours 1975

No fancy transporters, but a simple trailer for one of the top entries.
Another DNRT car, the British Savanna, fared less well and did not qualify - a blown engine the reason.
This is a car not on the entry list: another DNRT Mazda, the Group 1 car of Rien Frankenhout. Rien was no fan of Spa, but what is his car doing here? Probably a rolling spare part warehouse. It seems the engine is taken out.
The Hermetite team before the start. In the background the Opel of the unlucky Boshuis. At the start (or the finish?) the Blackburn/Crabtree car, in the background the interesting Abt Audi.
The third Hermitite entry was blue - the car of Corbisier and Swyssen.
This Butch Tailor Dolomite was a reserve entry, and it was damaged as well. A non-starter.
This Luxemburg BMW did not make the grid.
Coffey and Williams qualified as 38th fastest, but as a reserve they couldn't start.
Another reserve: Longeau/Moriceau.
Reserve: Gerion/"Alix".
According to my results, the #87 Datsun was a reserve entry only. Another reserve: Naveau/Jamin.
Here we go! What a big field...
The early hours, I suppose; Walkinshaw/Fitzpatrick, followed by Peltier/Demol and Nève/Tricot.
The Ford Capri of Alain Corbisier/Dany Swyssen, which finished 11th.
What a great looking cars these "Francorchamps" were! The eventual winners Xhenceval/de Fierlandt here. The Feider/Detrin car was less lucky - it did not finish.
A group 1 car for "Pedro"/Fontaine - second overall!
Nève/Tricot retired...
Rootheart/Calliauw retired this Group 1 car.
Another Group 1 Commodore: Guiot/Wauters/Delhaes, another retirement.
Bührer/Guenin, yet another retirement...
... just like Goris/de Croy.
Rubens/Delbar/Miroux retired the 260Z as well. Polesitters Walkinshaw and Fitzpatrick retired with a broken gearbox.
This Capri finished third.

Hine, Muir and De Wael retired.Hendley, Vernaeve and Metge reired the Dolomite as well.

This private Dolomite (Elford/Stalpaert/"James") blew its head gasket in the race. The car looked more spectacular than the Butch cars, but in fact it was slower.

Andruet and "Paco" finished fourth overall and first in class.
Litrico and Dona, another Autodelta entry, were seventh overall.
Grano/Gagliardi/"Pooky" finished fifth overall.
Ballot-Léna and Béguin were the only retirements of Autodelta.
Crespin and Mandron were eighth...
... Sougné, Cuici and de Gheldere finished 14th.
Antichan/Chamaillard finished a creditable sixth.
Berger, Mattozza and Degey were 15th.
Schewe, Bastin and Koob retierd this BMW with a broken clutch.
The RS 2000 Escort of Noé and Brillat retired.
"Chavan"/Gavage did likewise.
The Opel works entry for Aaltonen and Röhrl retired with engine problems.
The Abt Audi. Tenth overall, second in class.
Hecq/Toby lead err.. another Audi. IMC Celica: de St. Hubert and Braillard retired this car.
Holvoet/Wansart/Polak retired their IMC Celica too. Reich and Houben had a lot of damage on their Toyota.
Van Dedem and Hingst retired too. The EBRT car of "Alix", Gillessen and Remion - 9th overall, first in class.
De Deyne/Carlier/De Jamblinne retired with a broken transmission.
20th: the Avenger 1600 of Lagodny/Mathieu.
Grainal/Jacquemin retired the other Avenger.
1300 cc cars: the Simca Rallye 2 of Vartan/Pires/Justice which finished 16th overall and first in class!
19th, third in class: the Datsun of Raulet/Laffeach.
Stevens/Sonveau/"Arsène" retired.
Naveau/di Stefano/Jamin finished fourth in class. This nimble car had a difficult race but still finished second in class - it would lead to the title for Berndtson and Meloni...

Third at the finish: Blackburn/Crabtree in the best-placed Capri.  
The winning Luigi BMW.
Third at the finish: Blackburn/Crabtree in the best-placed Capri.
A terrible weekend for the Dutch National Racing Team. After good overall results in 1973 and 1974, they now entered a full group 1,5 Commodore alongside their usual Group 1 car. The Levi's car is in my view one of the prettiest cars of the period - the good news is that it has been rebuilt (February 2004). Alas, the Group 1.5 car retired with engine trouble - and worse, the Group 1 car had a terrible accident during the night, Wim Boshuis losing his life.

All DNRT Pictures kindly supplied by Klaas van Vuure, mechanic of the team back then. Pictures were taken by Richard Gabeler, mechanic of the unlucky #14 car.

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