Silverstone TT 1975

  This is the Commodore of Joosen/"Marco" in the paddock. Take a look at Robert Clayson's site: Robert Clayson Photographic
One of the few cars specially built for this championship not coming from Belgium: the Abt Audi 80 GT.
The British works Capri of Blackburn.
Stuart Graham built a Camaro specially for this occasion. Lloyd used his BSCC car with a few changes.
Luigi racing brought one car for de Fierlant/Xhenceval.
The Dutch Commodore was hired by Kelleners and Krebs. The Joosen Commodore, now moving.
Opel brought the works car for Hanson; but it only lasted a few laps in practice. A rare picture of the eventual champions, Berndtson and Meloni.
The start: Camaro in the lead. A few laps later Graham has moved up to second...
... and an eventual victory. The other works Capri was shared by Walkinshaw, Blackburn and Crabtree - it retired, just like the sister car.
This must be Woodman. The semiworks car of Kelleners and Krebs.
The identical machine of BP Belgium for Nève/Tricot. Leyland (like Graham and Barrie Williams) built a car specially for this event; here is Rouse leading Lloyd.
This loks like a battle between the works Dolomite and Lloyd's Camaro.
Marshall retired the Firenza.
Roger Bell and Jerry Birrell finished 13th in this Dolomite.
Here they are leading Markey/Palmer and the Irish Escort of Poole/Brennan/McMahon.
Collier and Carr shared this Capri - they finished as high as eight.
Barrie Williams was a DNF like so many others.
Cutting/Cobb/Percy were fifth overall and won their class.
The lower ranks: a British Alfasud dicing with (probably) the 1600 GTV of Lauria/Brunetti. The "Sud" being passed by the Capri #9.
Another Alfasud for Dooley/Greenslade. Coffey/Williams on the inside of the Fiat coupé of Neri/Neri Jr.

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