Nürburgring 4h 1975

Let's go backwards through the entry list this time. Small cars first...
The Nothelle-Audi 50, far too small for this race really. It was driven by Walter Piel and an unknown co-driver. Car retired
The only Dutch car entered here, Redeker and van Zwam with the old Alfa. Retired with engine problems.
Becker/Rösser, a great 10th overall... ... but even better were Bergmeister and Wolf, winning division 1 and finishing fouth overall...
After the Dahlhäser Scirocco others were to follow. This is the Arlt/Bieler car, 12th in class. Great livery...
Colorful Postert Toyota for Stuckenbrock and Croes. Retired. #48 BMW of Schirmer being attacked by Heyer/Hennige/Denzel.
Sven Erik Olsson's Volvo 142, 7th in class. Careful examination of this picture might suggest that it is #25, Ochs and Tibor - the Goodyear decal giving the latter name away. 5th overall.
An ex-Broadspeed car, probably even with 15" wheels for Jolly Club. Mohr/Finotto/Colzani practiced 8th fastest, but it retired.
The Heyer/Finotto car which was badly damaged in practice. DNS. Brun/Arm in the Herbert Müller car. Retired.
  The other Eggenberger/Müller entry: Keller/Schurti. Another DNF.
Oops. A flat tire for Ascona 1600 #59. An unbelievable 10th on the grid, result unknown. The Commodore is probably #11, Weisheidinger/hackner, retired.
Rummel and Hinz, Faltz-Alpina BMW; retired. The Fitzpatrick/Krebs/Quester and Zondler BMW; a difficult puzzle about who was to drive ended with an early retirement.
Betzler/Bertrams in the newly rebuilt CSL. Third overall.  
A new ex-IMSA car for Kelleners and Grohs - who won.
Second was yet another Faltz car, that of Peltier and Müller.
A battered BMW.
Bringing up the rear of this group is the Spiess Jägermeister NSU.
Nice group...
... antoher nice group, the Kilian Audi in the middle.
The Faltz car hunting the Schnitzer one.
Bremmekamp/Ickenroth being lapped by the Faltz car.
Sonntag in the old Commodore. Miltz in his Group 1 BMW.
This is the #7 BMW CSL, Becker/Scheid, a car seen on long-distance racing in Germany. They retired.
1600 cc cars: ahead (but probably not for long) is the Sunbeam Avenger of Lagodny/Mathieu, next the Kilian Audi 80 GT of Kilian and Hansen. The Audi retired, the Sunbeam probably too - if it started in the first place.
Arlt/Bieler leading the NSU of Wisskirchen, with the Audi 50 of Piel behind.
Hebe with the 1602 BMW, probably a DNF too.
The KWS BMW 16702 of Wilhelm(y?) and Stern, DNF I guess.
The is the Gilges NSU, a DNF as well I suppose. It seems Helmut only sent me pictures cars which were not in my results up to now...

Gillessen and Berger finished a creditable 9th.

Race result

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