Grosser Preis von Deutschland 1975

Albrecht Krebs smokes the Tires a little (check the Eifelrennen for a better one!) on his way to a victory. This serious looking RS3100, still in full works colors, was driven by Miss Odenthal; 9th overall, behind two 2-litre cars. Ludwig would show the real potential of such a car in the next races.
Wollstadt overdoing things a little. Betzler through the Karussell. He would retire with a snapped throttle cable.
Balzereit in his Capri retired.
Bonefeld had a decent result in the Eichberg Escort: third in class.
Probably the best Escort ever: Heyer finshed fifth overall and first in class.
Dittert in the Ascona, probably retired.
Kilian in the Audi 80 GT, probably retired too.

Obermoser heading Betzler.

Race result

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