1975 200 Meilen von Nürnberg DRM

Kranefuss and Mass having a meeting in the conference room. Mass would win the DRM race.
Formidable opposition: the IMSA car for Stuck and Peterson.
Kremer needed to do some engine-swapping today; Kelleners would drive the Vaillant car while this one would receive Siewertsen's engine for the Geldrennen at the end of the day.
Stenzel in the paddock; he would finish second in the race.
Lässig leading Kiemele, they ended seventh and eight. Division 2: the race would be won by Obermoser.
Ludwig would finish second. Mayer on his way to retirement.
This is a Zakspeed Escort like Hennige often raced; however, I'm not sure he drove here today.This might be a scene from the "Geldrennen"; Fitzpatrick leading Mass.
Peterson with Zondler next. In the end, old fox Hezemans cashed.
Kelleners with his repaired Kremer Carrera on his way to fourth. Krebs having another luckless race.
Hezemans signing the receipt for the prize money? The battered Schnitzer BMW of Krebs.

Race result

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