1975 200 Meilen von Nürnberg GT

Tim Schenken's GELO Carrera somewhere in the park, formerly known as an airship field and later wellknown for something less innocent.
Wollek's Kremer Carrera with the Vaillant hare - for this race driven by Heyer.
Siewertsen's Carrera not yet in denim colours.
Some rebuilding on the Heyer car.
The Tebernum cars of Wisell and Schickentanz.
Wisell came all the way from Sweden - for no result at all. This is quite special: the four-valve works Lancia Stratos, its Marlboro decals hidden since tobacco advertisement in Germany was forbidden thanks to a gentleman's agreement.
The car was quick in the wet but little else. Still, a good thing to see a different car than the Carreras.
Heyer would finish fifth... ... Wisell? I don't know, but not in the top-9.
Haldi finished fourth, behind the Gelo trio "Fitz", Hezemans and Schenken. Ekberg finished eight.

Race result

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