Grote Prijs van Nederland 1975

Vermeulen leading Kluit... ... and here it's the other way around.
Slotemaker tried to join in, but couldn't keep up. Here he is lapping Kok with the nice hired Tebernum Carrera - he would finish second behind Kluit, while Vermeulen retired after hitting the very same Kok.
Deen's mighty Corvette finished third overall, but it was still way off the pace of the Capri, BMW or Porsche. This should be Dimmendaal leading Kuhlmann, both BMW 2002 - and they were slower than Holland's best 1300 cc cars!
This is not Holland's best 1300, but "Cornelisse" would switch to more competitive material in the near future. He finished 9th in class. A bunch of also-rans: in the lead Freek Meijer in his NSU TT heading regular guest Maassen in his Group 1 Sunbeam and on the inside Plasmeijer's Daf which looked like a real racing car at least - he finished fourth in class.
Another bunch: a Group 1 Mazda RX-3 of Rien Frankenhout, Henny Hemmes had even spent a rear spoiler on her normally Group 1 Toyota Celica while Ungricht brings up the rear of this group with his NSU TTS; he finished fourth in class.

Race result

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