Brno 4 hours 1975

A rare picture of Schnitzer's second car; it was raced not very often in 1975. But here it is, with Zondler and Brun driving it. They retired.
Eberhard and Ahlers drove this Camaro; as so often, it did not finish.
Peltier behind the wheel of his...
... Faltz 24-valve car. He would win the race together with Siegfried Müller Sr.
Denzel and Grohs drove this Alpina 2002; they retired.
Sixth overall: the Audi 80 GT of Abt and Endress, the latter driving here.
An incredible fourth: Zid and Horsák in the Skoda 130 RS.
Bischoff/Meyer in the Alfa Romeo: they retired.

The immaculate Heyer/Finotto Zakspeed Escort in the paddock.

Race result

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