Zolder Saisonabschlussrennen 1974

In absence of an entry list so far, I'll gamble my way around Thorsten's pictures. It was appalling weather that day.
Surely, this NSU wasn't the only one to lose adhesion.
This one seems to do better, at least for this lap.
The spinning Alfa in the back looks familiar, but I can't remember where I saw it.
Wow! I'm curious how this ends...
This is a Toyota Corolla, normally driven by Norbert Brauer; he's not in the results unfortunately.
A stranded Fiat.
There's a Group 1 Ascona.
An Alfa in trouble.
The BMW is Miltz, I'm sure of that.
Patitschke going off.
The slide number could give a clue whether this picture was made before or after the one on the left...
This time the 850 gets it right...
... this time not.
The Datsun should be driven by Sehringer.
A Fiat 128 Berlina.
A Simca!
Another Simca!
An Alfa! I've lost track of the numbering system by now, seems to be in the Simca class...
A Group 3 Carrera.
Krebs won division 1, having dealt with Ogrodowcyk.
It's done.
This is Fritzinger, having changed to Toyota for 1974.
Here's Vanierschot.

Hennige won division 2.

Race result

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