EG Trophy Zolder 1974

We start with race C, for Group 1B and Group 2/4 under 1600 cc. This is a Mini, most probably British.
I guess this is the Escort TC of Werner Boller.
The top-3 on the straight and the podium: it was Demol first, then Xhenceval and "Davit".

The start of race D, a heat for the Belgian championship, but Dutchman Siewertsen is away first, courtesy of Peltier who arrived too late at the start - which nearly cost him the championship. Siewertsen is followed by De Fierlant, Cancian and "Alain Dex".
Siewertsen won with 5 seconds in hand.
De Fierlant finished second.
"Dex" was fourth and won the 2000 cc class.
The winning cars on the straight...

... and on the rostrum, Siewertsen (who had a fairytale season apart from missing the Dutch title) in the middle.
The start of race E, heat 2 of the EG Trophy. Peltier on pole, Siewertsen second, Stocks third, de Fierlant fourth, then Cancian, Brambring, Köhler, Deschrijver, Dahmen and Utsch.
Utsch lapped by Stocks.
Peltier in the winning car.
Brambring finished second...
... Stocks third ...

... while Siewertsen probably retired.

Race result

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