Rundstrecken Rennen Düren/Nordrhein 1974

A German race, but also the first heat of the "EG Trophy" which would have its second heat in a week. Let's go German first; this is the Nothelle NSU TTS of either Lilier, Tubessing or Bieler...
I guess this is Angsten's Autobianchi Abarth.
Heiden-Simcas: on the right just visible is Sanders' car, #142 might be Lüsser.
Like Nothelle, TM Essen entered three cars in the same class, so I can't tell if it's Rust, Franz or Reich. It is a beauty anyway.
This is an Ascona 16, driver unknown.
Josef Brambring's car, a 1974 Carrera RSR.
This is a 1973 version.
Otten was a non-finisher in his 2002.
Brambring fighting an older Carrera.
That rear belongs to the 1973 RSR of Kannacher.
Start of heat 1 for the EG Trophy. I suppose Brambring has to start from the back, Stocks leads, then Peltier, Cancian, Holup, Deschrijver, Schnock, Köhler and Heine.
Köhler chasing "Gustavson".
Peltier won win the race.
Stocks finished second...
... Brambring third...
... and Cancian fourth.
Schnock won his class and finished sixth overall.

Race result

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