Bekers der Toekomst Zolder 1974

Those Belgians sure knew how to throw a car round a corner. This is the Group 1B Commodore of Berndson. Another example why I like the "Group 1 Francorchamps" as it was called also. I'm not sure if Yvette Fontaine rides on two or three wheels, but it is spectacular anyway. She would finish 7th.
This is either Roothaert or Simon blowing up an engine (Roothaert seems the most likely); behind him Yvette Fontaine. Fontaine leading the Luigi BMW of either Xhenceval or Demol.
Demol or Xhenceval?
Considering the style, this might be Vanierschot.
Vanierschot (?) leading a tame-looking Porsche.
Luigi brought a Group 2 car as well; this is Xhenceval's car.
Cees Siewertsen in his first year of Porsche driving came to Zolder.
That looks like the BMW 1602 of Tibor.
Peltier behind Xhenceval; but he soon would pass and win the race.
Xhenceval now dropped behind de Fierlant.
Peltier again, winning with Siewertsen second.
Haxhe finished third.

Race result

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