Zandvoort Trophy 1974

The Alfa Romeo of Gillessen/Mandron. The weather went from bad to worse - and I should know, really. Full opposite lock for this BMW 2002 (Herrmann/Deen).
Sixth overall for Heyer and Ludwig. Hegels/Tibor with the BMW 2002: sixt in class.
The big Chevy was fast enough to dice with the works Capris - until it had to change its rear axle.
The '73 Capri of Odenthal and Weiss. Gerny/Mattli in a very Alpina-like Schnitzer BMW...
Bertrams/van Lennep, second overall.
The pink car which robbed Hezemans from victory: the Schnitzer BMW of Brun/Zondler.
Mass/Stommelen, the winners. Glemser/Hezemans, victims...
Glemser/Hezemans again. This is the French Capri of Geurie/Fornage/Barboza.
Schommers/Dolk, Faltz-BMW, 12th overall. Arm/Cocher finished an excellent third.
Peltier/de Fierlant finished seventh. This should be the Jolly Club CSL of Finotto and Mohr - they finished 13th.

Race result

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